YouTube Kids


YouTube Kids gives your family an easy way to watch their favourite programmes or explore anything that captures their imagination. It’s free, simple to use and full of family-friendly videos. The YouTube Kids app has been built with children in mind.  It provides a safer way to browse YouTube videos.…

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Child Safety Online

Social networking is hugely popular. Many young people are adaptive to the use social media apps and websites,  they tailor their communication for different audiences, and access nowadays is freely available via an array of devices including smartphones, tablets, and games consoles. Social media, like all forms of public communication,…

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See it Report it


Radicalisation and Extremism is becoming an increasing problem online.  The glorification of violence and extremism is spreading at an alarming rate via the web and social media.  It’s estimated that in 2013 12,000 pieces of online content were taken down that related to unlawful terrorist activity.  In 2016,  it’s estimated…

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Social Media – A guide for parents


Social Media is everywhere nowadays and children are increasingly likely to be interested in using it as a tool to communicate  with friends and keep in touch with there favourite band, TV Programme, football team or celebrity. 79% of UK Internet users are said to currently have Facebook membership whilst 50%…

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An Avatar is a computer generated image to represent yourself.  It can help to protect your identity when online. Instead of using your photo as your profile picture use an avatar instead.  Many websites and online tools now give the option for profile pictures.  Avatars can be fun to create,  you can have lots…

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Online Presence


The internet is now part of everyday life, whether it’s to catch up on TV, read the news, apply for school, university or employment.  Everything is geared towards an online presence.  Many people now turn to the web for instant information, no more telephone directories, or directory enquires.  Search engines…

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