The LTE (Learning Trust for Excellence) is a group of primary schools in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham.  We work very closely together to develop and improve teaching and learning across all our schools.  We believe one of our strengths lies in ICT and Computing.  Our schools are supported by two IT Technicians and and IT Operations Manager.  We share good practice, our ideas and work together to provide the best possible IT that we can.

We have developed this website, to provide information in relation to e-safety.  We believe in educating our children about the safe use of the internet and all devices in this modern world.  With the swift change towards online activity we feel its vital that we support our community in keeping safe online.  This website, is full of information, ideas, suggestions for all groups of people, parents, children, teachers anyone that has an interest in staying safe online.

If you feel you need help or support with any area of safety please contact us

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