Our aim in the trust is to educate the children in our care about the benefits of the internet, social media and online interaction.  With this in mind, there does however come the serious risk of inappropriate content.  All our schools use strict filtering which blocks many inappropriate sites and content.  This clearly protects children in school but when they go home or use their mobile phones that level of protection is removed and it becomes the responsibility of parents and carers to keep children safe online.

It is increasingly common place for children to know how to surf the web or use tablets to find content they enjoy such as YouTube videos or browse photo’s of themselves.

We try to work closely with the local community,  promoting the safe use of the internet and where to go for help ensuring they know what to do if they come across something that makes them feel uncomfortable or something that makes them feel sad.  This website will hopefully, not scare you but help you plan your digital life.  The internet is a great tool for learning and we hope that the links on this site will assist you in keeping safe online.


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