Online Presence

The internet is now part of everyday life, whether it’s to catch up on TV, read the news, apply for school, university or employment.  Everything is geared towards an online presence.  Many people now turn to the web for instant information, no more telephone directories, or directory enquires.  Search engines will undoubtedly have the information for us from a simple search.

Are you confident your online presence actually represents who you really are?  Have you ever searched for yourself on the web?  You never know, you could already be there without even realising.  If you’re in a profession such as teaching, it’s almost certain that, at some point, your students have searched for you whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  It is therefore vitally important that we ensure that any information we post online represents ourselves in a manner in which we are happy.

Anything you post online is most probably going to be there forever as the information is cached and replicated around the globe.   The things you post will form your online reputation or your brand.  Before you post, ask yourself some simple questions:

  • Will this hurt or offend anyone?
  • Am I happy for anyone in the world to see this?
  • Will this effect anything I want to do in the future?

It is useful to bear in mind that nowadays, many employers will search for candidates online via social media sites to check for suitability.  No one wants their business tarnished or brought into question and so those selfies on a Saturday night may well cost you your dream job!!!






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